Non ditemi che tratto male Xbox360: manco a farlo apposta, a pochi giorni dall’uscita negli USA, i forum dedicati alla console Microsoft sono stati inondati da segnalazioni di malfunzionamenti.

In questo thread su sono gia’ 12 le pagine di messaggi di utenti insoddisfatti/preoccupati.

Le problematiche sembrano essere di varia natura:

il lettore DVD della console che graffia i dischi

actually just picked mine up from best buy brought it home put in some need for speed played it for i dont know about 10 minutes and in the middle of a race it just hung and the screeen scrambled. so i shut the system off and ejected the disc and seen that now my brand new game is completely scratched with like 6-7 rings all the way around

blocco del sistema

I got to play PDZ for under five minutes before my 360 froze. When/if I turn it back on with or without game inserted I get red lights in sectors 1,3, and 4. I called MS and was told this indicated a hardware failure. After the brilliant tech support told me I should just restart it and call back if it happened again, I was afraid we would get nowhere fast. I then explained that my 360 would not turn back on and was now only a $400 piece of plastic that blinked red lights at me.

All my games freeze about 15-20 mins into them. Sending it back to MS when the return box comes. So much for my Thanksgiving weekend of gaming.

svariati messaggi di errore

ugh 3 hours in playing COD2 and Amped3 and I go the black screen of death and now it won’t recover.

I turned off the game with the contoller and now it won’t start up (it goes straight to the black Error 74 screen)

I am getting these errors 64 & 65 Call customer service…anyone else getting these errors???

I just got a 360 after 12 hours of waiting at walmart.I got home hooked it up chatted for 10 min shut it down.Booted back up and got error 64 and 65 everytime i restarted. this is f’ed up…….360 my azz……WTF i got a 400 doller door stop.BOY AM I PISSED!!!!!!!!!!! Microshaft will be getting a call from me.

problemi con la scheda grafica (che sembrerebbero essere attribuibili a un surriscaldamento dei componenti)

After about 10-15 minutes gameplay, I started getting the texture smearing and “sparklies” as was reported a while back on xbox-scene on one of the kiosk machines. Seemed like a video card or video ram overheating issue so I put a 80mm case fan I had already wired up to a power brick for 12v behind the 360’s exhaust fan blowing out. That fixed it mostly. After playing an hour or so it seemed ok, maybe one or two off pixels here and there. I don’t know that it couldn’t have developed into one of the other issues if I didn’t add the fan… and I don’t know if playing longer it will still blow up some other way. I’ll find out today, I took the day off work to play

Dal canto suo, la Microsoft dichiara che i problemi sopracitati possono essere definiti casi ‘isolati’ (Articolo 1 e Articolo 2) :

“It’s a few reports of consoles here and there not working properly,” said Molly O’Donnell, a spokeswoman for Microsoft’s Xbox division. “It’s what you would expect with a consumer electronics instrument of this complexity …. par for the course.”

Speriamo che per il lancio in Italia (fissato per il 2 Dicembre) i problemi vengano risolti… )