Walter S. Mossberg ha pubblicato sulla versione OnLine del WallStreetJournal i risultati di una 'prova su strada' del nuovo Ipod Video.

A quanto pare le dimensioni dello schermo non invogliano alla visione di interi film:

We wouldn't want to watch a full-length movie on this iPod -- the screen is just too small. But, for short things like music videos, video podcasts or even hourlong TV shows shortened by stripping out the commercials, as Apple is doing, the new iPod provides a pretty good experience.

Sul lato musicale invece rasenta l'eccellenza, con qualita' a quanto pare migliore dei suoi predecessori:

As a music player, the video iPod is terrific. In our tests, it rapidly transferred numerous songs from both a Windows and Macintosh computer, and played them back with great fidelity. And there are a few refinements in its music capabilities.

Qualche dubbio viene espresso riguardo la velocita' di download dei video da ITunes (dove sono offerti a $1.99 l'uno):


To test the video, we downloaded two episodes of "Desperate Housewives" from the iTunes Store, including the one that ran this past Sunday night. These videos are about 43 minutes long, because they omit the commercials that swell the shows to an hour on TV. Each download took a bit over 20 minutes using an average DSL connection. That's a little bit longer than the 10 to 20 minutes Apple predicts. Your experience may vary, depending on the speed of your connection.

Link originale: A Screen Test For the Video iPod