The register segnala che il gruppo di coders 'PI' ha rilasciato un'utility capace di decodificare e leggere il filesystem dei DVD di XBox360.

L'utility gira su PC, ma i DVD di XBOX non sono compatibili con i normali lettori DVD per PC, quindi attualmente l'utility e' un semplice proof-of-concept.

This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the 'Xbox 360 DVD file system', it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC.

Dal Readme:

So you've seen all our raw dumps? but what can you use them for?Nothing in their current form, yet! - But here we go with a nice extractor tool so that you can extract the dumps and check out the files, we even decided to release the source code, so that you can figure out the filesystem and make even nicer tools and clean up our horrible looking code, cause we are lazy and old!Usage: extract360.exe gamename.360 [wildcard]...For example: extract360.exe pi-nfsmw.360Sit back and relax, and enjoy, these xbox360 games are quite large!

And a note to the tech guys: Yes, once you get past the protections and down to the raw bits on the disc, its just the standard xboxdvdfs, however the offset and layer breakpoint are different!

Il software (inclusi ovviamente i sorgenti) puo' essere scaricato da QUI

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