My2c about the barefoot running: thoughts and considerations that I tried on my skin (and my feet)

  1. Run barefoot is the most natural way to run; the evolution made the man’s feet a masterpiece unique in the animal world.
  2. Run barefoot involves more contact with the surrounding world and a greater perception of space: then better balance and stability.
  3. Run barefoot instinctively leads the body to assume a correct posture: your back is straighter, the moving starts from the central part of the body, the step size is reduced and frequency increases: in this way you get tired less.
  4. Run barefoot makes it natural to look for the support on the front / middle of the foot, the part that human evolution has dedicated to the support because it takes advantage of the elasticity of the arch of the foot, reducing stress and injuries
  5. Run barefoot is fine even when run with shoes. Once you have re-learned to run naturally you can use the same technique when you want to run on land particularly insidious or on asphalt too hot or too cold.
  6. Run barefoot costs less ;) Seriously, not just the savings in the shoes, but also in medical expenses for accidents.

And finally, a speech by Christopher McDougall, author of the book Born to Run