Random thoughts and considerations about natural running, and footstrike techniques

  • The foot-strike must take place with the greatest possible surface area of the foot plant, in order to distribute the impact on the whole foot and to allow the dissipation along the entire leg.
  • Focus on the movement of lifting the foot from the ground rather than on that of fall: the touch on the ground is not controlled by the action of the leg muscle, but by the gravity.
    The weight of the body should not be moved to the front of the foot, you have to lift the back of the ankle when the weight is unloaded on foot.
    Personally, I realize that i properly strike with the foot when I feel the heel touching the ground, without leaning. At that moment I’m fully amortizing the impact on the whole foot, transferring it correctly to the calf and to the rest of the leg.
  • Avoid the tension in the ankles: in the natural running the entire leg should be relaxed and must moving in a ‘natural’ way. Stiffen your ankles, perhaps for fear of placing the foot incorrectly and get a injury (common from those coming from a run with shoes’ standard ‘) unnecessarily tire the leg and can cause muscle discomfort and bone pain.
  • The knees should always be kept in flexion, the step length is short and the time of resting on the ground rather small.