Playing an instrument is like playing a sport.

Muscles and joints need to be trained and kept moving.

So, Every day, in addition to keep my legs in moving , I try to keep my hands in training, regardless of the time I can dedicate to the study of the repertoire.

I try to carve out a small window of free time dedicated to a series of exercises designed primarily to train the muscles of the hands and improve coordination.

First step: WarmUp!

Muscle warming is important, even in musical instrument practice. So, before starting every exercise, i make a brief series of warming exercises focused on muscular awakening and coordination improvement.

In this exercise, is very important to follow the instructions regarding the fingering: its purpose is just what to make work equally all fingers of both hands.

Second step: Chromatic exercise!

Simple chromatic pattern, and 2 variations with string skipping:

Third step: Spiders!

Now that we have warmed the fingers, we execute two short sequences focused to develop coordination between the two hands, the famous ‘spiders’:

Final step: Scales!

At this point, a creative approach: a nice refresher of diatonic scales (major and minor)

and pentatonic

concludes the daily training.


And now we begin to study the repertoire!

Download all workouts in a single PDF file from this LINK