In the previous article we report the opinions of Rob MacKillop about the use of the right hand without nail, using only the touch of flesh.

Today we face a traditional point of view: the famous book Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant.

The right hand

The right hand produces sound: the quality of the tone is determined by both hands, but the quality of the tone and the volume are controlled by right hand.

The lenght and shape of the fingernail affects how you will able to carry out all the various parts of the finger approch on the string

If a fingernail is too long, the speed and easy with wich fingertip and fingernail attack the string is diminished, because the resistance is increased.

A bad fingernail shape can also create resistance between string and nail and cause unsavory sounds.

Nail lenght

To gauge the length of your fingernail, hold your finger out horizontally and then place a surface against the fingertip at the right angle.

If the fingernail and flesh touch the surface at the same time, the length is good.

But, as always, a video is worth more than a thousand words: