My comments about the piece, and an example of how NOT playing it!

The author

Antonio Lauro (August 3, 1917 — April 18, 1986) was the son of an Italian immigrant who was an amateur singer and guitarist.
His musical lessons began with his father but he died when the boy was just 5 years old.
When Antonio was 9 years old he began formal musical studies (piano, composition) at the Academia de Música y Declamación, where the composer Vicente Emilio Sojo (1887–1974) was one of his teachers.

Valse Venezolano no.2

This is a lively piece and it poses a few challenges to the player, in the phrasing and in the rhythms.

This piece is very fresh and the performer must keep this freshness alive as he plays the piece, working quite a bit with the tempo.

How to play the piece

Below one of my favorite interpretations of the piece, by the wonderful Ana Vidovic.


And here the example of how NOT to play the song

In reality it is a small challenge with myself: since Instagram introduced the ability to post one minute long videos, I like to try to record songs that fits exactly into 60 seconds, renouncing any interpretation or dynamic.

This is the result:


The score

I could not find a free downloadable (legally!) version of the score.
In any case, Amazon can help: Antonio Lauro Works for Guitar: 1