I’m sure: i’m an unusual runner

On my Facebook stream, recently has showed up this link: 15 Signs You’re in Love With Running:

Whether it’s the thrill of crossing a finish line, the euphoric feeling you get when you’ve completed a long run or crushed a workout, or the camaraderie you feel when surrounded by fellow runners, there’s just something about running that makes you head over heels in love with the sport. How do you know if you’re crazy about running? See how many of these signs you can relate to.

I am not completely agree with the 15 points in question, but let’s proceed to analyze them individually:

  1. If you don’t have a time for a run, you find yourself in a bad mood by the end of the day.
    I agree
  2. You get more excited to shop for running clothes than you do for regular clothes.
    I’m not a big fan of running shoes … indeed, often i do not use them at all
  3. Your vacations somehow revolve around running — you’re either vacationing at your race destination or planning travel around your training plans.
    A vacation is a vacation!
  4. You bought a pair of ugly running shoes because you know they’re the best onesfor your gait/running style.
    See point 2
  5. You dread getting up early for work or school, but you excitedly pop out of bed for a run or race.
    I get up early every morning
  6. You’ve cried when you crossed a finish line.
    And why should I?
  7. If you overhear complete strangers talking about running, you somehow manage to work yourself into their conversation.
    I do not think so!
  8. You’ve used a vacation day because you need to fit in a long run.
    Why waste a vacation day when you can lift a few hours before?
  9. You get jealous when you’re driving and you pass someone running on the road.
    Yes, often!
  10. When checking into a hotel, the first thing you ask about is recommendations for running routes.
    Never happened!
  11. You can’t remember family member’s birthdays, but you know your PRs for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon.
    No, I prefer to forget my PB (i’m a turtle-runner)!
  12. When you get stuck in traffic, you look out the window thinking, “I could run faster than this.”
  13. You get excited when you see an email from Marathonfoto saying that your race images are now posted.
  14. After you get home from a race, you first check your computer to see if the online results are posted and then search for your next race.
    See point 11
  15. Whenever you go to cheer for a friend or family member at a race, you wish you had signed up for it.