The Blackfish dies offscreen? The Hound teaches us that the offscreen deaths are not reliable!

Episode highlights

  • The Mountain: rips a man’s head with his bare hands


  • The Hound: responds to the brotherhood’s carnage with philosophy.

  • Cersei: was disappointed to discover that Tommen abolished trial by combat and that she will have to face a jury.
  • Arya: despite two seasons spent in Braavos, has not learned how to change the face, he has not learned to be a silent killer, but has learned to survive the fatal stabbing.
  • Meeren: great balls of fire and jokes!

Translator 1: Do you know how to swim?
Translator 2: No, but I can shout for help in 99 languages.

  • No Jon, No Bran
  • Tommen: was so boring that i start to reflect on Joffrey’s reign.

But the real highlight of the episode is:

And never stop to voice my appreciation for The Hound and his brother (or at least what remains of him).