July 4 is my independence day…from the couch!

Last year, i’ve published on my (old) blog this article:


In this post i write about the accomplishment of a my personal challenge: running everyday for an whole year, and i closed the article with this sentence:

I could take (finally!) a day off, but i like too much the chance of reach two years of daily workouts!

Actually, i have not taken the day off, i continued the daily workout, reaching an average of 100 kms for week (12 km from monday to friday, 20km saturday and sunday).

So, this second year of my running streak ends today with 5062 kms, with a grand total of 9579 km traveled in 2 years.

What i will do now?

Change them? Because? They have only 2600 km!

Unless it is not strictly necessary, i don’t take a day off and I will continue the series of daily workouts, maybe trying to increase weekly mileage.