Starts the workout before your brain figures out what you’re doing!

Usually, I put running first on my agenda, to avoid some overlapping with any other activities related to work, family or social obligations.

Furthermore, running early in the morning give me the feeling of having accomplished so much before others are even awake, not to mention the extra energy that I get from that morning rush of endorphins.

Here’s some tips to make morning running part of your routine.

1. Sleeping enough!

Sleep is essential to not be tired.
A rested body that has recovered the fatigue of the day before is better inclined to physical exercises.

2. Waking up!

Place your alarm on the other side of the room: jumping out of bed to turn it off is better than hitting the snooze button.
Once you have waked your mind, you must awaken your body.
If it is not too early, and the sun has already risen, permit it to enlighten you: the sunlight activates the brain and predisposes to physical activity.

3. Dressing up!

Set out your clothes, shoes and (if needed) a water bottle the night before to eliminate excuses and allowing you to get out the door quickly.

4. Making a light breakfast! (or not do it at all!)

During the night you have consumed little, so do not be afraid: you have sufficient reserves to make even 20 km.
So, eat light: i suggest some fruits or juice.
And when you get back from the workout you are ready for the second time of your breakfast!

5. Avoiding hard workouts

You must re-accustom your body gradually to the fact that started a new day: with and hard workout in the morning you strive much your body, moreover when it is cool and your lungs are more sensitive and less reactive.