“Always Ready Always There”

Androguard is a great tool written in Python to analyse/reverse Android applications.

Developed by Anthony Desnos and Geoffroy Gueguen, Androguard is released under Apache License 2.0


  • Map and manipulate DEX/ODEX/APK/AXML/ARSC format into full Python objects
  • Diassemble/Decompilation/Modification of DEX/ODEX/APK format
  • Decompilation with the first native (directly from dalvik bytecodes to java source codes) dalvik decompiler (DAD)
  • Access to the static analysis of the code (basic blocks, instructions, permissions and create your own static analysis tool
  • Analysis a bunch of android apps
  • Analysis with ipython/Sublime Text Editor
  • Measure the efficiency of obfuscators
  • Determine if your application has been pirated (plagiarism/similarities/rip-off indicator)
  • Detection of ad/open source libraries
  • Risk indicator of malicious application
  • Decompile Android’s binary xml
  • Integration with external decompilers (JAD+dex2jar/DED/fernflower/jd-gui…)