Flashpoint analysts reveal cyber tools used by islamic terrorists

Jihadist groups use a variety of digital tools and online services that allow them to maintain a strong online presence, while also helping them remain undetected by adversaries.

In a new report called Tech for Jihad: Dissecting Jihadists’ Digital Toolbox, Flashpoint’s analysts Laith Alkhouri and Alex Kassirer reveals a list of the tools employed by various jihadist groups: the online activity of these groups remains relatively unknown to the general public, although their use of social media has attracted significant attention over the past months.

It is no secret that confidentiality and privacy are paramount to jihadists’ survival. However, most communication platforms lack the sophistication necessary to ensure sufficient security. As a result, today’s jihadists constantly seek alternative ways to advance their agendas and communicate securely.

Here some of the tools under analysis in the report:

Secure Browsers

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Proxy Services

E-Mail Services

Mobile Security Applications

Encrypted Messengers

Mobile Propaganda Applications

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