Old but gold!

Several years ago, when I was a young guitar student in the hills around Rome, I met many difficulties to be able to find, in the only music store in the country, this videotape.

Once received, i inserted it into the VCR, where it remained for the months to come: i watched this video many, many times, trying to steal the secrets of the Master.

In a time (i think it was 1996) when the internet was not yet available to everyone, and services like Youtube even remotely conceivable, such materials were very precious.

So you can imagine my surprise when, among the recommended videos from youtube, has appeared this:


The sounds of the Spanish guitar have echoed down these streets since the beginnings of Spanish history. An instrument of the people and rough melancholy echo of the Andalusian soul. In the early years of this century, a young Andalusian boy came here to Granada for the first time. Like all the others, he knew the Spanish guitar

The video

Andrés Segovia tells his life story and performs twelve famous classical guitar scores at Alhambra: directed by Christopher Nupen, Allegro Films, 1976.

The pieces

  1. “Capricho Catalán” by Isaac Albéniz
  2. “La Maja de Goya (Tonadilla)” by Enrique Granados
  3. “Torre Bermeja” by Isaac Albéniz
  4. “Sonata in E Minor” by Domenico Scarlatti
  5. “Minuet” by Jean-Philippe Rameau
  6. “Minuet” by Fernando Sor
  7. “Ballet and Allegretto” by Manuel Ponce
  8. “Gavotte I & II” by Johann Sebastian Bach
  9. “Prelude No.7” by Chopin
  10. “Sonatina” by Federico Moreno Torroba
  11. “Leyenda” by Isaac Albéniz
  12. “El Noi de la Mare” a Catalan folk song