The power of HTML5!

You need to extract a single file from a disk image of a Virtual Machine (VMWare, VirtualBox and other), or just navigate the disk without install and start a virtualization tool? Pretty simple, with VMXRAY:

VMXRay is an HTML5 web app which lets you explore disk images like VMWare VMDKs and CD/DVD ISOs right within your browser. It uses the popular Sleuthkit digital forensics tool compiled to Javascript using Emscripten running inside your browser to interpret the images, and provides a visual folder interface to navigate, preview and extract files from them. See the FAQ for more details.

VMXRay has been developed by Coriolis Technologies, a software company based in Pune, India. VMXRay consists of many open-source components and industrial quantities of glue.

- First and foremost, Emscripten, which compiles C programs to Javscript.

- A fork of Sleuthkit, a filesystem forensics tool is run on the Linux virtual machine to provide directory and file data.

- A fork of the beautiful elFinder is used to present a folder interface to the file system.


What browsers are supported?

  1. Google Chrome 13+ (Mac OS X, Ubuntu)
  2. Firefox 7+ (Mac OS X, Ubuntu)

Downloading of files works properly only on Chrome.

What file formats are supported?

  • Disk image formats: Raw, VMWare single and multi-file VMDKs, QEMU/KVM QCOW2 (without encryption/compression), Virtualbox VDI, ISO.
  • Filesystems: ext2, ext3, FAT, NTFS.