200 volts DC power on the USB port? Cool!

Last year,a Russian researcher named Dark Purple has designed a proof-of-concept USB prototype able to destroy sensitive components of a computer when plugged in.

Now, a Hong Kong-based technology manufacturer has actually created the Killer USB (named “USB Kill 2.0”) and sells it at $49.95.

How does it works?

When plugged in, the USB Kill 2.0 rapidly charges its capacitors via the USB power supply, and then discharges 200 volts DC power over the data lines of the host machine.
This charge-and-discharge cycle is repeated several numbers of times in just one second.

Here a video demo:


But, is useful?

USB Kill stick could be a boon for who want to keep their sensitive data away from law enforcement or cyber thieves (whistleblowers, journalists, activists as well cyber criminals!)