Simple and well coded

Матрёшка is a steganography tool written in Python, useful to hide and encrypt images or text in the least significant bits of pixels in an image using HMAC-SHA256 to authenticate the hidden data.

It’s a simple but well coded project, too young to be used in a ‘production environment’:

This is a fun project. Do not use this for serious encryption purposes!


Simply install Pillow and clone the github repository.

pip install Pillow
git clone
cd Matroschka

Sample usage

matroschka_medium.png gets hidden and encrypted in matroschka_big.png

python -hide -m foo -k bar resources/matroschka_medium.png resources/matroschka_big.png

Decrypting the image will save the extracted image in resources/secret-image.png

python -open -m foo -k bar resources/matroschka_big.png

More info and downloads on github repository: