It’s simple, with Stream2Chromecast!

Are you searching for an easy way to stream media files from your LinuxBox to a Chromecast?

You can use Stream2chromecast, a simple Python script that makes the task of streaming media files to a Chromecast device ridiculously easy.

Simply clone the project’s GitHub repository with this command

git clone

Now, to stream a media content, start the script with this command line /path/to/foo.mp4

The utility also supports basic playback controls through -pause, -continue and -stop options.


Only the WebVTT format is currently supported.

If you have an SRT subtitle file, you can convert it with this online tool:


To cast the subtitles on /path/to/subtitles.vtt use this command: -subtitles /path/to/subtitles.vtt /path/to/foo.mp4

More info and download