A small tip by a great master

On the eve of a concert or an exam is usual to be engaged in long exercise sessions, which can put a strain on our nails.

The fingernails in fact tend to wear out with the friction generated on the strings and, especially if you do not own extremely harsh and thick fingernails, this can create some difficulties to preserve the correct nail shape.

An interesting suggestion comes directly from the Facebook page of Maestro Manuel Barrueco:


The famous guitarist wraps his nails with a strong adhesive tape or a patch, so as to preserve the nail from the friction with the strings and avoid the wearing out.

I’ve tried to follow his advice, covering with tape only the part of the fingernail that attacks on the string, and the results are interesting:

At first it seems an awkward solution, but i do not really feel any difference with the ‘naked nails’.

For example these are a few seconds of a study session performed with protected fingernails


I continue to test this solution, stay tuned!