“Invest in yourself and try new things this year!”

This article from Dan Musselman is very inspiring for me.

6 useful tips to be a more creative musician, 6 good propositions for 2017:

As a musician, few things are more important than developing our own creativity. Our ability to write meaningful songs, to construct inspiring instrumentals, or to find innovative ways of adding post-production nuances depends on our ability to think outside the box and find new, unique sounds.

The 6 ways

  1. Write on an instrument that you don’t usually play.
  2. Get better at what you do play.
  3. Listen to music that is new to you.
  4. Have a jam session — but listen to another band mate more than you listen to yourself.
  5. Pseudo-transcribe your favorite artist.
  6. Learn music theory and develop your ear.

The full article