All the informations are online, you just need to know how to find them

In a previous post, we discovered the real power of OSINT sources, now let’s start to see some helpful links from my personal list.

Today the focus is on the searching tools

General purposes search engines

Specialty search engines

  • 2lingual Search
    Get Google Search Results alongside Google Cross Language Search Results.
  • Biznar
    Federated search engines that search multiple databases in real-time.
  • CiteSeerX
    Search engine focused computer literature and information science.
  • FindTheCompany
    A corporate intelligence site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.
  • Harmari
    Ads search engine
  • Boardreader
    Forums and Discussion Boards Search
  • Internet Archive
    Nnon-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites
    Search on national and international scientific databases and portals
  • Zanran
    Multiple data search engine
  • Clarify
    Access to data hidden in online audio and video.

Similar sites search

Clustering search engines

  • Carrot2
    Organizes search results into topics
  • Cluuz
    Extracts important terms and images, clusters them and gives them in semantic graph and in a tag cloud
  • Yippy

Metasearch engines (aggregators)

  • Dogpile
    Combined results from a Google and Yahoo
  • Etools
    Combined results from 18 search engines.
  • Goofram
    Combined results from a Google and Wolfram Alpha
  • iZito
    Combined results from Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, Entireweb
  • Zapmeta
    Really similar to iZito
  • Metabear
    Russian and FTP search
  • Qrobe
    Combined results from multiple search engines
  • Qwant
    Anonymous metasearch engine
  • WebCrawler
    Combined results from a Google and Yahoo

Code Search

  • NerdyData
    Search for a specific piece of code into website sourcecode
  • SearchCode
    Search code snippets on major sourcecode repositories
  • Krugle
    Search code snippets on major sourcecode repositories

Image Search