A valuable historical document

In the 1960s, the Italian TV broadcaster RAI broadcast a fascinating concert by Andres Segovia.
I’ve found a copy on Youtube, the sound is slightly distorted, but the program very respectable:

1:27 — “Da un Codice Lautenbuch”, Six lute pieces of the renaissance, transcribed by Oscar Chilesotti:
1. Vaghe belleze et bionde treccie d’oro vedi che per ti moro
2. Bianco fiore
3. Danza
4. Gagliarda
5. Se io m’accorgo
6. Saltarello

8:36 — Johann Sebastian Bach: Gavotte

13:02 — Heitor Villa-lobos: Prelude nº 3

17:44 — Heitor Villa-lobos: Study nº 1

20:12 — Federico Moreno Torroba: Allegretto(from “Sonatina”)

23:26 — Isaac Albéniz: Sevilla



A note for guitar fetishists

the guitar seems to be a Ramirez, you can tell by the shape of the head: