And not all of the predictions are completely off-base: some computer-generated theories that have been talked about by fans of the show.

Readers of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel series on which the TV show is based are really disappointed by the wait time for new books: “A Dance with Dragons”, the fifth book, was published in 2011 and author George R.R. Martin has been laboring over the “The Winds of Winter” since, with no release date in sight.

Tired of the wait, the software engineer Zackarey Thoutt has trained a recurrent neural network to predict the events of the unfinished sixth novel.

Are you tired of waiting for the next GOT book to come out? I know that I am, which is why I decided to train a RNN on the first five GOT books and use predictions from the network to create the sixth book in the series.

Neural networks are a class of machine learning algorithms modeled on the human brain and recurrent neural networks are a subclass that work well with sequences of data, like text:

A recurrent neural network (RNN) is a class of artificial neural network where connections between units form a directed cycle. This allows it to exhibit dynamic temporal behavior. Unlike feedforward neural networks, RNNs can use their internal memory to process arbitrary sequences of inputs. This makes them applicable to tasks such as unsegmented, connected handwriting recognition[1] or speech recognition.

After adding the the 5,376 pages of the first five books in the series into his “long short-term memory” network, Thoutt has produced five predicted chapters and published them on the GitHub page of the project.

Here some excerpts from the new chapters published on GitHub page, there are some plot twists and some plausible developments (Jon Snow that rides a dragon and Jaime Lannisters that kills Cersei)

Sansa is actualy a Baratheon and Jaime fears her because she is one of the second sons of the onion concubine…

“I feared Master Sansa, Ser,” Ser Jaime reminded her. “She Baratheon is one of the crossing. The second sons of your onion concubine.”

Reek is still annoying people…

“Some must, for you,” a woman’s voiced up lazily. “Gods, Reek.”

A new protagonist named Greenbeard is intorduced to the plot…

“Aye, Pate.” the tall man raised a sword and beckoned him back and pushed the big steel throne to where the girl came forward. Greenbeard was waiting toward the gates, big blind bearded pimple with his fallen body scraped his finger from a ring of white apple. It was half-buried mad on honey of a dried brain, of two rangers, a heavy frey.

Hodor comes back and can say something other than “Hodor!”

Hodor looked at them bellowing, “which road you should be home.”

Ned is still alive and Jon is a Lannister!

At once they were back there and they realize the way they wanted him to answer. When Jon Lannister staggered backward, Ned saw his axe and left hand in his head.

Varys poisons Daenerys and a dead man.

Varys poisoned Daenerys and another of the dead men. As he woke, it was a peaceful song, and now the low and the dawn was breaking up and there no smaller, robar the broken bones.

Jon rides a dragon and starts to get a little perverted…

Jon rode the dragons in a steep circle, buried fingers in the sand and there a burnt slope. “With a man should leave us clean, wench,” he said. “Stop him. Is that much? Until you’re at Winterfell simply get inside ’em o’ wildlings, or on the sound of a bastard dies.”

Lord Friendzone is off eating stew with chunks of butter…

Ser Jorah lingered to where the banners wending their descent down a long ways of rain. The marsh was ladling out beef-and-barley stew, cold as shy of three colors, chunks of butter.

Jaime kills Cersei and Jon becomes the wolf…

Jaime killed Cersei and was cold and full of words, and Jon thought he was the wolf now, and white harbor… Something about the day made the butt of her grow from the hem, half the white dogs running between two of Hizdahr’s arms.

They decide to let the dogs make decisions…

“Ask the dogs.”

It ends on a weird note during a winter storm with Jon’s Targaryen side coming out in full color…

Once, she thought, it was wrong, climbing through the cloudless terrible light noise that was no last snow. Jon did not need to share a cup or part of it, but maybe this, a fat little blind girl.

Enjoy with the first five chapters: