NOTHING TO HIDE  is an independent documentary dealing with surveillance and its acceptance by the general public through the "I have nothing to hide" argument.

The documentary is written, produced and directed by two journalists living in Berlin, Marc Meillassoux and Mihaela Gladovic that launched this project in response to what they think is the keystone of modern surveillance: its acceptance by the general public through the Nothing to Hide statement.

The "Nothing to Hide" logic

We generally all agree that surveillance regimes are inherently dangerous and authoritarian; at the same time we use an increasing number of free online services and apps, giving up our privacy rights and building our Big Data. As E. Snowden’s revelations showed, this private & “friendly” surveillance provides the raw material for the state surveillance. In the actual context of terrorism, many of us also agree to give up privacy rights for the promise of increased security. To justify our compliance, most of us usually repeat: “Anyway, I don’t interest anyone” and finally “I don’t really care, I have Nothing to Hide”.
We have tried to understand what this logic implies for us individuals, but also for our societies. Is what we do online really irrelevant? Does mass surveillance help fighting terrorism? Do we really have Nothing to Hide? We found this fundamental question had not yet been addressed. Its answer, though, involves a real choice for society.

The Documentary