Left hand slurs are an essential part of a good technical practice.

In this first post i will share one of my own slur exercises, involving two fingers.

Slur practice can be very fatiguing. I would recommend practicing slow and without forcing the hand, but every day.

How to play this exercises?

Initially just playing the slurs with equal rhythms as they are written.

Always practice with a metronome!

Then you can create your own rithmic patterns: for example alternating a slow version of the slur combination with a fast version is a great way to practice.

Rhythmic variation is a great way to smooth out unevenness in slurs.

And the right hand?

I don't suggest any tight-hand fingering for this exercises.

However, slurs can also be practiced without the right hand: play as normal, but start without a right hand attack.

Here the exercise:

In the next post, i will propose an exercise focused on three-notes groups.

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