A lot of musicians better than me says that "River flow in you" is a song too simple, cheesy and definitely overplayed: and actually i agree!
However, the simple harmony and the repetitive structure makes it perfect for an ukulele rendition for my basic students.

The piece

The piece, in A major,  is in ternary form.
An introduction, in the first four measures.
Next 8 measures makes the A section, the theme.
Other 8 measures makes the B section.
A and B sections repeats during all the song, with some variations and grace notes.
Finally, opening measures are repeated to end the piece.

The author

Yiruma is the stage name of Lee Ru-ma, a Korean pianist and composer.

Born in South Korea on 1978, he began playing the piano at the age of five and moved to London when he was 10, in 1988, to study at the Purcell School of Music.

Yiruma's musical style primarily focuses on New Age and World Music.

My ukulele rendition

My arrangement is transposed in D major, in order to simplify the fingering on ukulele.

Here the scores:

And below a short demo track on SoundCloud:


Downloads and more information