Some time ago I've written a post about my custom linux laptop.

The system is configured to run only open source software, and focused on "Avoiding interpreted languages, web-based desktop apps, JavaScript garbage and background programs that can use a big amount of CPU."

So, today I'd like to complete the article with my setup of cloud and online services: my list of replacements for google services.

Privacy Opinions

My Cloud

All infrastructure is based on a self-hosted Nextcloud instance, installed on a VPS or on a shared hosting, with encryption enabled.

Nextcloud is an opensource project, based on owncloud source, for building a self-hosted dropbox/googledrive replacement.
NexctCloud allows plugins installation in order to enable additional features.


Self hosted or simple email accounts included on domain hosting + NextCloud email client with imap access.

Google Drive

NextCloud, with NextCloud Clients for Desktop and Mobile.

Google Contacts/Calendar

NextCloud Contacts and NextCloud Calendar, linked on desktop (Thunderbird) and mobile (iOs and Android).

Google Keep

Joplin (on Desktop and Mobile) with webdav support, linked to NextCloud.

Joplin is an open source note taking and to-do application.
The notes are in Markdown format, organised into notebooks and searchable: can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor.
Joplin also support webdav sync and E2E encryption.

Google Password

One of this Keepass ports (on desktop and mobile), with archive hosted on NextCloud.

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