No transcription this week. Today we are dealing with technique!

Likewise my previous post about diatonic scales on ukulele, I've developed a couple of patterns useful to perform major scales in Campanella Style along all fretboard.

Campanella style?

The campanella technique was developed on ukulele by John King starting from ancient techniques for playing re-entrant instruments: in this style every note of the melody is played on different strings, so that each note overlays the previous one in order to achieve the maximum resonance and sustain.

Why should i use campanella-technique?

This technique uses a specific characteristic of ukulele: the re-entrant G.

About it I'd like to mention a quote by Luca Tomassini, in his good ukulele method "No Panic":

Saper suonare un ukulele significa anche saper utilizzare il Sol rientrante

"Knowing how to play an ukulele also means knowing how to use the re-entrant G"

What else?

The pattern

For more information about diatonic scales you can refer to my previous post Major and Minor scales on Ukulele, simple patterns. This pattern is based on the same principles, but using the re-entrant G:

Pattern in the second line can be shifted around the entire fretboard