Last episode of my brief series about "campanella patterns": today we talking about pentatonic scales!

Some months ago i've already talked about pentatonic scales on ukulele: if you need a bit overview on musical theory you can refer to the post
Pentatonic scales on Ukulele, simple patterns.

Today I'd like to share another pattern for pentatonic scales, this time focused on 'campanella style', with just an additional twist: some slurs (ascending e descending) on notes on the same string.

Major pentatonic scale

Two patterns: the first uses free strings, and can be used in the first position, the second can be shift on the entire fretboard.

Minor pentatonic scale

Same patterns of Major scale: one only for first position, the second for the rest of fretboard:

Minor pentatonic scale with blue notes

Finally, a set of three patterns: in order to make a maximum use of the ukuele extension, the first two patterns can be used respectively for first and second position. The third can be used on the rest of fretboard.

Happy practice!

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