Jeux interdits, is a 1952 French war drama film directed by René Clément and based on François Boyer's novel.

Jeux interdits.jpg

While not initially successful in France, the film was a hit elsewhere. It won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, a Special Award as Best Foreign Language Film in the United States, and a Best Film from any Source at the British Academy Film Awards.

The soundtrack

The paternity of the main theme is controversial: the most famous version of Romance is that recorded by Narciso Yepes for the soundtrack of the film: his contribution was fundamental to the success of this melody, which has become a synonymous of the classical guitar in the world.

However, there seem to be more than one version of this tune, which passes through Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega and goes as far as Narciso Yepes.

My transcription

I’ve transcribed the song on ukulele trying to keep the fingering the most possible close to the original guitar parts, so i’ve transposed the song a fifth lower, from Em to Am.


A free version, whitout tabs, is available as hi-res PDF at this link.

A full version (sheet music + tabs) is included in my songbook "10 Must-Know Classical Pieces for Fingerstyle Ukulele: Bach, Pachelbel, Brahms and more!" (on Amazon), or can be downloaded from Gumroad: