An interesting article by Luca Bongiorni explains how to create a remote controlled HID injector cable using some simple hardware components easily purchased on online stores (with less then 10$)

The main idea (for the hardware-side) is to re-use the Logitech’s inexpensive Unifying dongles as implants within USB cables.

How to

  • Remove the top black case without breaking the dongle;
  • Push out the PCB & the orange plastic holder;
  • Pop-open an USB Cable and solder the Vcc& GND to their related pins on the CU-0007.

  • Once everything will be in place, mount back the metal case of the USB male connector
  • Then check if it fits the USB case and glue it with a drop of super-glue.

Congrats! You just created your First USBsamurai!

Now you just need to pair it with @mame82’s LOGITacker v.0.1.3-beta and you are ready to pwn targets!
For the Software-side, the good @mame82 came to help with his majestic LOGITacker framework!

So far it supports 4 different NRF-based boards:
- Nordic nRF52840 Dongle
- MakerDiary MDK Dongle
- MakerDiary MDK
- April Brother nRF52840 Dongle

I personally opted for the 4th one since is the only one with external Antenna (i.e. Longer Range):
Just follow LOGITacker’s readme and install the v.0.1.3-beta and install

References and further readings