Recently, the italian hosting provider Netsons [1] discovered some unauthorized access on its Management System, occurred on March 2019.

According with GDPR article 34 [2], Netsons had to inform its custover about the databreach.

Here the statement:

we would like to inform you that we have identified an unauthorized access to some of our data in Management System. Below we want to give you all the details.


We have analysed the information in our possession and we can tell you that it was not an issue related to the security of software and services, but we have now learnt about an unauthorized access in the period of March 2019, carried out through the use of credentials of an employee no longer in service today.

These data stored in our management software are related to orders and communications with our customers.

We would like to point out that:

- the event does not concern access data for payments or credit cards
- passwords to access the services and the Customer Area are encrypted
- currently we are not aware about the online publication of such data

So, customer's credit cards are safe and sound but, how Netsons responded to this event?


We care about everything related to safety, so, in addition to the current protection and monitoring measures, facing the situation, we have introduced even more restrictive controls, both internally and externally.

The necessary activities have been undertaken and we have already informed Authorities. We are also implementing additional actions - including two-factor authentication - to offer you the maximum possible protection of data.

Furthermore, in addition and in a precautionary and preventive manner, we have also decided to reset the credentials for access to domains and services.

We therefore invite you to access your Customer Area and update your credentials to access domains and hosting services.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this operation, but we want to give importance to the objectives related to safety, our top priority.

To reset your login credentials simply follow the instructions in the guides at link:

So, if you are a Netsons customer, to be safe, change your password!


  1. Netsons è un servizio di hosting provider offerto dalla Netsons s.r.l
  2. Art. 34 GDPR - Communication of a personal data breach to the data subject