In the past, we have often heard of some strings or files that you can send to other users to cause their iPhone/iPad to reboot.
Now there’s a similar issue affecting some Android devices: a simple picture can soft-brick some Android phones if it’s set as the wallpaper.

Twitter user Ice Universe, a leaker focused primarily on Samsung products, tweeted about an image file that was causing some smartphones to crash and soft-brick:

The image couse some Android phone to crash, if used as wallpaper: the device enter a state of being soft-bricked when the image is set as a wallpaper. Upon wallpaper being set, the device crashes and continually turns the screen on and off on the lockscreen.

There’s no way to leave this loop as even a reboot causes the phone to keep doing this after turning back on: the only solution appears to be a hard-reset.

What is the reason of the crash?

According to a analysis by Dylan Roussel published on Twitter, the issue in related to a lack of controls during the parsing of Color Profile, primarly on the Android 10 builds used on Samsung devices:

Is there a patch?

Not yet, but the issue has been notified to Google by researcher.

So, waiting for a patch, not to accept wallpapers from strangers!