I often wake up in the morning with a melody in my head.
It shouldn't be anything unusual, but in my case they are mostly original songs, which I transcribe and (when listenable) make available online.

Over the years I have romantically convinced myself that they are small gifts that I receive in my dreams: most likely they are the product of my twisted mind that reworks and mixes fragments of things previosly heard, maybe years before.

A few weeks ago, however, something different happened.
I woke up with the usual new melody in my head, but this time with the absolute knowledge that it was something already heard, written by someone else. In the following days, I racked my brains trying to remember whose 'mysterious song' it was, but without any result.

So I decided to transcribe it, record it and make it available on Soundcloud, looking for a help.
Please, ignore the poor quality of the song: I recorded all the tracks using a guitar MIDI, in a hurry and without any care.


For those wishing to help me in the search, the 'mysterious melody' begins at 1'20'': please, leave your suggestions on track's comments.