I've always been fascinated by the works of Gérard Grisey, a french composer pioneer of the Spectralist movement.

According to Wikipedia [1], spectral music is

…an acoustic musical practice where compositional decisions are often informed by sonographic representations and mathematical analysis of sound spectra, or by mathematically generated spectra. The spectral approach focuses on manipulating the spectral features, interconnecting them, and transforming them. In this formulation, computer-based sound analysis and representations of audio signals are treated as being analogous to a timbral representation of sound.

This kind of music does not use melodic motives, or harmonic progressions to establish phrases or periods, but sound textures and gestures. Compositions are pretty static, mainly based on a sound examination end in itself.

Below, a performance of the “Ensemble Intercontemporain” playing “Espaces acoustiques” by Gérard Grisey [2]



So, i decided to try my hand with this kind of compositions: the result, "Soundscapes", is a looong album!
Five tracks, five musical dilated soundscapes, more than 3 hours of structured sounds that i hope you'll like.

As usual, "Soundscapes" is available on all major streaming services.


A suggestion: listen it with good headphones!


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