Recently, some of my followers asked me some updates on my list of OSINT tools, published some years ago. So, I collected a new list of tools, in order to enrich my previous post.

E-mail and Credentials

Email Lookup

Retrieve information linked to an email address, without notifying its user.

Have I been pwned?

Check if an email has been compromised in a data breach.


Data Breach search engine.

Intelligence X

Search engine that scans Tor, I2P, data leaks and the public web by email, domain, IP, CIDR, Bitcoin address and more.


Very large data breach search engine


CTI platform that allows information gathering about emails and domains.


Simple Python script to check if there is an Office365 instance linked to a particular domain.


Python script used for identifying valid Office 365 accounts and domains without the risk of account lockouts.


Python script used for identifying valid Onedrive user accounts.

WhatsMyName Web

Enumerate usernames across many websites and social networks.


Collects a dossier on a person by username only, checking for accounts on a huge number of sites and gathering all the available information from web pages.

Messagging and Telephony services


Free service that allow to check any mobile number, find out the operator, subscriber status and other information with an HLR request.

Search any phone number worldwide using data collected by mobile app users.


Search any phone number worldwide using data collected by mobile app users.


Search any phone number worldwide using data collected by mobile app users. Can be used in Android emulator in order to simulate incoming call intent.


Search any phone number worldwide using data collected by mobile app users. Can be used in Android emulator in order to simulate incoming call intent.

Fuck Facebook (hidden web)

Facebook dataleak search engine: allows to search telephone numbers in FB profiles.


Allows you to check if a phone number is used on different sites like Snapchat and Instagram.

Social Networks



Edit and browse Instagram content without logging in.


A tool that allows you to extract information from instagrams accounts such as e-mails, phone numbers and more


A tool to scrape geotagged locations on Instagram profiles. Output in JSON & interactive map.


Tool to get informations on an instagram account from its following | followers


Android app that allows download of users stories.



Large and accurate B2B database.

Rocket Reach

Online database of 700 million professionals across 35 million companies.

Search tool for Linkedin users.


LinkedIn enumeration tool that uses search engine scraping to collect valid employee names from a target organization.



Twitch video downloader

Twitch Tools

Tool that allow to view the followers on any Twitch account.

Twitch tracker

Twitch analytics tool.


Facebook search through graph API.

Find My Facebook ID

Tool that find Facebook personal numeric ID for graph API operations.



View TikTok profiles and videos without registration.

TikTok date extractor

Tool to pubblication date extraction from TikTok videos.

TikTok Scraper & Downloader

Scrape and download useful information from TikTok, without login.


TikTok video downloader


Youtube Data Tools

This tool starts from a video id and retrieves basic info for the video in question and provides a number of analyses of the comment section. Comments are retrieved via the commentThreads/list API endpoint.

Extract Meta Data

Online tool for Youtube video metadata analysis.

Comment Downloader

Simple script for downloading Youtube comments without using the Youtube API. The output is in line delimited JSON.

Youtube transcript API

A python tool that allows to get the transcript/subtitles for a given YouTube video. It also works for automatically generated subtitles, supports translating subtitles and it does not require a headless browser.


Chrome Extension for advanced filter for YouTube search result. Filter/Sort and export the data to excel.

Free Youtube Downloader

Online YouYube video downloader.


Onlyfans search engine



Earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rankings of all Patreon creators updated daily


ClubHouse Database

Free Clubhouse analytics tool.

Rooms of Clubhouse

Clubhouse rooms search tool.