RansomedVC is a recent ransomware collective, which was initially detected by Malwarebytes and SocRadar in August 2023 after publishing information about nine victims on its dark web page:


It gained notoriety after announcing that it had violated SONY:


The singular attribute that separates this group from other ransomware groups is the warning to litigate victims for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), albeit the rationale behind this warning remains unclear:


The group refers to the ransom demand as a “digital tax for peace”, indicating that their actions are driven by a desire to fight for a greater cause. However, as mentioned in an interview provided to DailyDarkWeb:

  1. What are the primary motivations behind your attacks? Is it for financial gain, ideological reasons, or something else?
    • Financial gain and sometimes political reason.


URL Type Status
http://f6amq3izzsgtna4vw24rpyhy3ofwazlgex2zqdssavevvkklmtudxjad.onion Leak Site Online
https://twitter.com/RansomedVC X account Suspended
https://t.me/Ransomed2 Telegram channel Online